Friday, April 27, 2007

What goes where?

I just recently found the Bury St Edmunds flickr group. There's a regular competition on there to identify a bit of Bury. I wandered around town for half an hour yesterday to see if I could spot where the latest picture was taken. Eventually I decided to leave it for the day and sit and read for the last half hour of my lunch break.

Heading into the Abbey Gardens I walked straight up to the place in question! So now it's up to me to post the next spot to guess. The picture is now there - somewhere that I already had in mind once I saw the competition.

I thought I'd also have a look for some other ideas too, so here are some that I spotted at lunch time today. Feel free to try and guess (difficult for those not here in Bury!)

On closer inspection, I noticed that the bottom one is being used as a wine rack.


Catie said...

I KNOW I've seen these and am fairly sure on two of them, but can't remember where the top right one is...Stylish wine rack, though!

MarkG said...

Hi Catie,

Answers to be posted soon...

Ruby in Bury said...

Those tops of doorways are I think on the side of the Greene King museum building. LOL, love the bottle there!!

MarkG said...

Ruby - Correct!
Just the top two to go. I'll put the answers in by the end of tomorrow.