Friday, April 13, 2007

Strangely familiar

Thinking about those regulars in the Abbey Gardens. There are certain people that I see around most days around Bury. These strangers are now quite familiar - I see more of them then I do even close family. It's funny how some people seem to stand out, and you notice them more and more. Yet they will most likely remain strangers.

However I came up with this topic yesterday evening to post for today, and then something strange happened.

On my way in to work most mornings there is a chap out walking his dog. As I drive past we wave to each other - have been doing so for a few years in fact. Last night R and I went out for a walk around our village (trying to get back in shape ready for walking Pembrokeshire Coast later this year). Outside one house there stood a man with his dog. It was getting dark so we couldn't see clearly and just called out 'hello'. Then he exclaimed "You're the one in the car!" So after all this time we have finally spoken. It's a strange feeling - something has changed and now he's no longer quite a stranger.

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Ruby in Bury said...

I know exactly what you mean about this. And I've noticed that with the people I see all the time in Bury, always recognise yet never actually speak to, we do tend to say hello if we ever see one another outside of Bury - like at the coast or something. Which is really funny!