Friday, April 20, 2007

What a let down

We had a great plan for this weekend. Whilst at Sutton Hoo last week we picked up a guide to the Suffolk Sandlings trail which meanders 60 miles from Ipswich to Southwold. Looking on the map it splits very nicely into three days of 20 miles, with a camp site at the 2 stops.

So that was the route planned, next a check of the weather showed that it's going to be ideal for Sat, Sunday and Monday.

Thirdly we would need a new tent. The ones we have are all suited to camping from the car - they weigh a ton and don't pack down particularly small either. So onto the internet we went and ordered a new tent, sleeping mats and a superlight stove too.

And they aren't here.

I am now hoping that the weather holds for another week, and everything arrives in time for next weekend instead. Though I don't remember having an April that didn't involve big cloudbursts at some point.

Instead it will be time that we got on with digging the front garden, and maybe getting a few veg planted out the back.

Hope everyone elses weekend plans hold up OK.

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Ruby in Bury said...

We've had a bit of a lazy weekend so far. We bought a tent a few years ago and only used it once, and I think there were things we decided we'd replace - like tent pegs, and ground sheet - to get better ones. So we're going to put it up in the garden and have a look at it later today.

Mr Ruby's out playing golf at the moment. He didn't want to go much, but some friends asked him, so he went to be polite :-D

Hope you managed to find something fun to do with the weekend.