Wednesday, May 02, 2007

That's where

So those photo's of Bury...

Top left is the framework around Specsavers. Top right is one of the door posts at Collis & Sons jewellers on Abbeygate Street. Finally the doorways belong to the Greene King brewery cottages.

My "Where in BSE" post at the flickr group hasn't been found yet. Closest guess has been the walls of the Abbey Gardens, but that covers quite a large area!

Have you seen this curious little statue embedded anywhere?

Update - 10th May 2007
The location has now been correctly guessed - it's in the outside of the Abbey Garden wall on Mustow Street (near Drive Vauxhall).


Ruby in Bury said...

Oh! No, I haven't seen it anywhere, but I do know where it is approximately. I read about it in a book and walked all along the street it's on TWICE trying to find it. But couldn't see it at all. But then I was looking for something reasonably large and that looks small from your pic. How big is it actually?

MarkG said...

It's really quite small, about 3 inches high perhaps. And you have to look up too, it's about 9 or 10 feet from the ground.

Maybe I could start giving guided tours - £2.50 to see the mysterious statue! I don't suppose you can remember where you read about it?

Ruby in Bury said...

It's a little snippets of local history book, A5, paper cover, I think called peepholes of Bury but that might be wrong. The doll is on the front cover, and I got mine in tourist info. I think it's one produced by Bury Heritage Guides. I'll confirm that when I've had a look for it!