Friday, May 25, 2007

Too much ... too little ...

'To do', and 'Time' that is.

Did anyone see where May went? I remember it starting a day or two ago, and now it seems to almost be over.

No blog updates for two weeks - unfortunately that kept getting dropped to the end of my list of things to do. Two new software releases recently at work have kept me far too busy. Evenings seem to have been spent planning more holidays for later this year, and packing ready for next weeks trip to North Wales.

We are staying in a cottage for a week in Nefyn on the Lleyn Peninsula. As a change we won't be walking every day. It's a bit of a family holiday so plenty of days on the beach and being touristy.

Then at the end of the week we will go and stay with my parents in Abergele for a couple of days. We have chartered a boat trip for the Sunday to go out fishing. Last time we did this the sea was a little too rough making us rather seasick. This time we shall be prepared!

So it will be into June before any further updates. Expect pictures of Welsh scenery next time.


todaysdaze said...

you asked a good question.... where did May go?

I too did not manage a blog for the first 3 weeks of May, although I am in the middle of packing ready to move this weekend.....I will be glad when it is all over and I am once again unpacked and settled.

Ruby in Bury said...

Looking forward to your pics of Wales - we stayed near Llanberis a few years ago at the foot of Snowdon. We stayed in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by slate quarries and woodland. It was amazing!