Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Very Welsh Week

Back from holiday. And I could do with another one to recover. We all had a great time, with lots of varied activities.

The cottage was great - an upside down design with the bedrooms downstairs and the kitchen and living room upstairs. This meant you could sit in the evenings and look out over the hillsides. There was also a deck in the back garden with a big barbecue. We had a fun BBQ night with my parents visiting, and also some friends from the Lleyn Peninsula.

In a lot of ways my nieces got to experience the same sort of holiday that I spent as a child here 20 years ago. Then we stayed on a farm and made good friends with the owners. Back then my sister and I would get to go round the fields, see the animals and help out in the cow sheds and with the sheep.

This year was just the same - a field of about 130 sheep and lambs needed to be moved 2 miles to another field. So we helped out - sometimes encouraging them on from behind, and others getting ahead to make a lot of noise and waving to send them the right way at junctions, and keep them out of gardens, streams, churchyards etc.

Another memory I have is of riding around a field on a scrambler motorbike. This time it was a quad bike and the girls loved it.

Trips out included Beddgelert, fishing from Nefyn beach (unsuccessfully), walking at Borth Y Gest, getting drenched at Borth Y Gest, watching seals at Porth Dinllaen, and going aboard the lifeboat there. R and I also had a couple of more sedate days at Bodnant Garden and walking round the walls in Conwy. We finished up with a 5 hour sea fishing trip which was also very quiet - just a few dogfish to show for it.

Anyway - on with a few photos...


Sunset - Nefyn Beach

Sunset - Nefyn Beach (almost gone!)

Approaching storm - Borth Y Gest

Nefyn Bay

Yr Eifl

Porth Dinllaen

Bodnant Garden

Conwy Walls


Ruby in Bury said...

What lovely photos. We visited Conwy Castle when we were there (2005) - had a great day there, I don't think I've ever seen such a complete castle.

21st Century Mummy said...

I agree with Ruby - the photos are beautiful. It reminds me that there is much more to Wales than my home town in the Taff Valley. I must travel around more, rather than just visit the folks back home.

MarkG said...

Ruby - I've never actually been inside Conwy Castle yet. It's one of those things that I keep meaning to do but never get around to. I think next time we're up visiting then we will do it.

Many of the castles there seem to be well kept. We went round inside Penrhyn and Powis castles (both National Trust) which are amazing.

21stCM - There's a lot of Wales I've yet to see. I've walked the full length of it along Offa's Dyke, and in 4 weeks I'll be walking round the Pembrokeshire coast. Someday I'll get round to seeing more of the middle bits I hope.

RUTH said...

Stunning photos!