Friday, June 22, 2007

Must be mad!

Despite the forecasts predicting so much rain and thunder and lightning over the weekend, I'm still seriously planning to go walking and camping tomorrow along the Angles Way.

Starting off at Knettishall Heath, the path follows the Little Ouse river to it's source at which point it looks like it then starts flowing in the opposite direction to become the River Waveney. If all goes well I should be camping in Scole tomorrow evening, then heading on to Bungay on Sunday.

Then in Bungay the plan is to meet up with family for a meal out to celebrate my niece's 9th birthday. Is walking gear and rucksack (potentially dripping wet) considered suitable attire for a restaurant?


buryblue said...

Can only say despite the weather I am jealous. Sounds like a great walk. Bungay is always enjoyable especially the St Peters brewery ales.

MarkG said...

Yes, St Peters ales are great. Especially the Cream Stout! I hope to go and visit the brewery some time soon, I think they have a restaurant there too.