Sunday, November 23, 2008

A surprise visitor

We were amazed to see a hedgehog appear today while watching the birds feeding in the snow. He was only little, so we gave him plenty of food to help get through winter.

The pheasants weren't too sure what to make of him!

Update:The first picture was shown on BBC Look East on Monday evening - except they stuck a BBC banner right across the hedgehog which kind of defeated the point of sending it to them!


nicola said...

What beautiful photos! So cute

Suffolk VA said...

Hey sister Suffolk can I use some of your photos in our image gallery?


What a gorgeous photo. Hope they didn't get their beaks too close. :-)

HogsBum said...

If you see any more that size in that sort of weather, like now, please grab them and get them to a rescue, they won't survive hibernation at that size.