Monday, October 20, 2008

Anglesey Abbey

With the perfect autumn weather we took a trip at the weekend to visit another nearby National Trust site - Anglesey Abbey near to Cambridge.

Although the house looked lovely, we decided to miss this out today. With our NT membership we find that we tend to be more relaxed about visiting places and don't feel we have to rush and try to fit everything in.

The gardens are extensive, and very well planned. Each area flows into the next quite naturally so we didn't have to keep doubling back on ourselves. There's a mix of formal gardens, avenues and woodland.

The trees are varied, and so are in different stages of colour changing. Despite all the compaints about a wet summer, apparently it has been a perfect season to produce this autumn display.

Lots of leaves on the ground too which were great to rustle through.

Each avenue we walked along had people taking photographs. Though everyone was quite polite and took turns, which means it doesn't look busy at all!

I always wonder how much of these planned gardens the original owners ever get to see. It must take years before everything is complete and the trees are fully mature to give the final effect.

A final shot which is now on the background of my computer.


StowmarKate said...

Hi Mark,

Love the leaves - thanks for your comment on StowmarKate. I've only been to the Finborough pub once after ringing, and I don't think we were talking about software. I'll keep an eye out, though!

MarkG said...

Hi Kate.
It was likely to have been Norfolk ringers - my brother in law organised the trip down to Finborough for them. I've been working on developing software for them to practice listening and getting striking timing right. It's going to be featured on Inside Out BBC1 next week!

Ruby said...

Great collection of photos to illustrate the day. I love the autumn leaves one. I can almost smell them!