Thursday, August 14, 2008

Geocachers Galleries

In our geocache "Meadows Meander", which is hidden in Ufford, we placed some disposable cameras so that the people who found it could take their picture.

The cache has now been in place for three years, and so far two cameras have been filled. Last night I finally got around to scanning in all of the pictures and uploading them to a web gallery. So if you've always wondered what sort of people would use multi-million dollar satellites to locate tupperware containers then have a look here and here.

Maybe someone you know will turn out to be a geocacher!


East Anglian Troy said...

What a great idea! I shall look out for hidden tupperware containers when we are next out walking in Suffolk.

MarkG said...

Geocaching has got us out to explore many parts of Suffolk which we may have otherwise missed. Yesterday we spent the afternoon on a 15 mile circular walk around Hopton and Garboldisham. And 6 more caches found too, taking us up to 470.