Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

It's taken a lot longer than expected to get a blog written up about walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in July last year, but finally it's finished and publicly available! It's in a similar style to the Lake District one, with photos to show what each day was like.

Also there's a list of places to stay, useful even if you're not walking the whole coast path but are just looking for a B&B in Pembrokeshire.

The new blog is at so please have a read and enjoy the sea air.


Tom L said...

Hi Mark,

My plan is to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path this July, but in the opposite direction to yourself. I was just wondering how far in advance you booked your accommodation and how you went about planning how far to walk each day? Any information would be gratefully received!

Many Thanks


Tom L said...

oh, my email is if emailing me is easier! Cheers
p.s looks like you had a great time!