Thursday, September 27, 2007

A second blog

Once again I haven't written anything here for a few weeks. The Inn Way walk in the Lake District went ahead as planned earlier this month. 9 days of walking, just about 100 miles, went into 43 pubs and sampled 55 different ales!

That's not quite as bad as it sounds - I wasn't staggering around the fells in a drunken stupor. Each drink was only a half, and then that was shared between the two of us which brings it down to a much more reasonable sounding 1.5 pints per day.

I have starting writing up each day's walk with details of distance, pubs, scenery and accomodation, including lots of photographs. I've done this as a separate blog which is now available to view. Vist my Lake District Inn Way blog page.

The first three days are there, with the fourth due to be ready tonight. Hope you have a read and enjoy it.

[Update - day 4 is now complete. Day 5 to follow with some amazing photos of Buttermere]


Ruby in Bury said...

Love your Lake District Inn blog Mark, and I love the photos. Mega useful resource for other walkers too. I watched a tv programme about Wainright the other night and his hand written/drawn books on the lake district. Couldn't help thinking that if this had been his era, he would have been a photo blogger!

MarkG said...

Thank you for your kind comment Ruby. The hope is that anyone planning to walk the Lake District Inn Way will manage to find the blog. There wasn't much about it on the web that we found other than the official site.

I've got the full set of Wainwright books. So far I have managed to get to 30 out of his 214 fells. The detail in his books is amazing.

The recent surge in TV programmes are making the Lakes very popular. Apparently the day after a Julia Bradbury walk is on, people are queuing up on the paths!